Living in a small apartment has made Bermuda app a pro at decorating small spaces and making them look much larger! Our influencer can help you find furniture that can serve multiple purposes.

Golden Hue

Golden Hue By Cassie Bland 100cm x 100cm Acrylic on Canvas

$ 1,120.00 AUD

Night Garden

Night Garden By Beth Kennedy 60cm x 54cm

$ 590.00 AUD

Magenta Sky

Magenta Sky by Cassie Bland 100cm x 120cm Acrylic on Canvas

$ 1,120.00 AUD

Spilling Sunlight

Spilling Sunlight by Beth Kennedy 60cm x 54cm

$ 590.00 AUD

Bundle of Joy

Bundle of Joy by Katie Wykamp 40cm x 30cm

$ 100.00 AUD

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