MOLMIC - est 1987 manufactured in Melbourne, Australia. Making the most loved sofa's in Australia for over 30 years.




Contemporary textiles built on design, performance and quality. 

James Dunlop Textiles bring you the very best in textile design, technology, quality and service. The organisation was established in New Zealand over one hundred years ago, and is now run by the fourth generation of the Dunlop family.


DASH & ALBERT - The Dash & Albert Rug Company was founded by the creative Annie Selke in 2003. Annie’s unique perspective on design emphasizes the importance of designing rugs for real families and real life. The rugs are beautifully designed and are of exceptional quality. The rugs are crafted by skilled artisans in India. Dash & Albert Rug Company offers a happy selection of wool, cotton, indoor/outdoor, jute, sisal and blended rugs in a variety of beautiful weaves. Spirited and well-bred, these rugs are the smart solution for floors pining for personality.

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ITALIAN BESPOKE TILES - Our products are often described as beautiful, glamorous and unique, by many leaders in the design industry. They are often featured in the works of many interior design & architectural projects. Every product we import is of the highest quality and at the forefront of fashion & design.


POLYTEC - An Australian marketer and distributor of decorative surfaces dedicated to providing the finest quality products. Across the industry, polytec is recognised for innovation, craftsmanship, customer service and the use of quality materials. In the decorative surfaces category, polytec is the fastest growing brand in Australia and is owned by Borg, a privately owned, Australian company.


THE TEXTILE COMPANY - The Textile Company are passionate collaborators in the interior design & decoration industry, an industry that connects people from across the globe to create beautiful spaces. Our purpose is to introduce leading Australian and New Zealand designers to decorative fabrics and wallcoverings, through our partnerships with the world’s best brands and mills. We are a resource for the designer that encapsulates the very latest in textile design trends.


ZEPEL FABRICS - Founded in 1978, Zepel has over 40 years of experience providing Australian's with high quality fabric solutions for their drapery and furniture. Zepel fabrics are designed in Australia and Europe and boast the best of European trends while being uniquely suited to the harsh climatic conditions of Australasia. A strategic partnership with Belgium's Bru Textiles provides technical expertise, innovative fabric qualities and unsurpassed quality standards to Zepel's textile range.


WARWICK FABRICS - Warwick is one of the world’s leading fabric and textile wholesalers providing premium quality materials to industry specialists since 1966. From its humble beginnings as a boutique family-owned company, Warwick has grown to include showrooms in Australia, the United Kingdom and New Zealand and has established an extensive international network to be at the forefront of design and distribution.


DOMESTIC TEXTILES - Domestic Textile Corporation, a division of The Dempsey Group, was established in 1960. We represent premium internationally renowned brands – from the most established and iconic English textile houses to companies from as far a field as Austria. Our product lines include textiles, such as silks, velvets, weaves, as well as trimmings, wallpapers, lamps, chandeliers and occasional furniture.


VERVE - With a comprehensive range of textiles and wall coverings, Verve offers endless creative options and combinations for every need and situation. We make it possible to turn a great design into an outstanding one, thanks to a range that goes all the way from subtly muted to breathtakingly bold.